City Picnic

A Beee-you-ti-ful day in the neighborhood.  Mr. Smith, my built in entertainment at work, and I rode the bus for a downtown picnica (as my Nana used to call it).

A stroll on city streets. Lunch from Phillips Deli. Some southern chicken salad, perfect potato salad and a big fat pickle. I could eat a meal of pickles. Would that be wrong?  I think the fact that I ordered 2 things with the word salad cancels out all the mayo and renders this a healthy picnic. At least that’s what I’m telling myself

Outdoor sitting in the city. We met an old friend. We reminisced. We laughed. Mr. Smith has mad skills so he whisked himself away into the DoubleTree hotel and scored us some warm welcome cookies. Did you know they give away free cookies to their guests?  Mr. Smith has begged and pleaded for free cookies many a time. I’m sure they are not fooled. I’m sure they are just really nice people and prolly want the crazy man out of their lobby.

Please ignore the alien finger and DMV fingernail shot. They really are warm. And nothing says welcome better than oatmeal cookies. All good picnics must come to an and picnic goers must return to work.

Here is the fabulous Mr. Smith. He was talking most animatedly about sheep shearing I believe. . Because nothing brings the picnic mood to a close faster than a good sheep shearing discussion.  Apparently Mr. Smith had been to the State fair and I”m worried that he’s gonna quit his job and go shear sheep full-time. Not a bad way to spend lunch time.



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2 responses to “City Picnic

  1. Mater

    Please tell Mr. Smith to plan a cookie run the next time I come to Nashville. He’s a good friend and you’re blessed to have such wonderful people in your life. It warms the cockles of your Mama’s heart. (And, next to warm cookies, there’s nothing like a warm, cockly heart.) Hmm … now I will spend time finding the origin of “cockles of my heart”. CHICKENS!!!!!

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