Pork… it makes me smile

Yesterday was our local farmer’s market.

I love the farmer’s market. I love that people are so in love with the food they bring. I love that there has been labour involved, labour from their hands.   Some of it comes from the dirt and some is created in the kitchen with sifting, stirring and boiling pots. All of it is presented with such generosity.

Rose Bianca Eggplant. It’s an italian heirloom eggplant. I’ve never had one but I think it’s purdy. I’m gonna have to try one next weekend. Or buy some just to put on the table so my eyes can feast open all that gorgeous color.

Our take home: apples, Kale, butternut squash, yellow zucchini, muscadine grapes and shiitake mushrooms. I am dreaming of something with pasta, zucchini, muscadines and shiitake.

And the extra special good part……The fine folks at Jonbayla BBQ come every weekend towing a trailer with ginormous grills full of meat. You can smell them coming. In a good way. And today they did not disappoint. Today they unveiled the pinnacle of palate pleasing pork perfection. Today, they unveiled the Pork Parfait. That’s right. PORK. PARFAIT.

Yogurt parfait is for wusses. You can’t handle the pork!

(I still have DMV fingernails. I must remember to buy nail polish remover)

A layer of baked beans for a good foundation. Dry rubbed barbecue so tender its just held together with little meat hugs. Tangy, spicy barbecue sauce. Sharp cheddar. And the cherry on top, BBQ style, baaaaacon.

I got one. I ate it.  I tried to stick my face in the cup to lick it clean. And then I took a pork induced nap.


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