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Cookies and Carrots

Saturday was Fireman Appreciation Day. I appreciate fireman. I appreciate them for their rubber yellow boots and big red trucks. And sirens. I appreciate a man with sirens. I also appreciate cookies. I love making them. I love eating them. But I can’t eat all the cookies I make and still wear my pants. And I can’t go without my pants. At least not in public. Or when I’m hanging out with Girl Wonder.

So.. it was a win win. I made cookies and I took them to fireman. And they ate them. And they were all wearing pants. At least when I delivered the cookies.

And before we delivered cookies I dug up my carrots. I think I had dirt on my forehead when I delivered cookies. But I was wearing pants.

 Lots and lots of carrots. We are gonna have really good eyesight around here. I did a crappy job of thinning out my carrots so they are skinny weird looking carrots. But my carrots just the same. They are carrots that had to struggle. I like a carrot with a little life experience.

 And now I have to figger out what to with all these carrots.

If you had a big basket of carrots shedding dirt on your kitchen table what would you do with them?   Would you wear pants?





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