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Out my window

I have 2 kidneys.  Gas costs approximately 5 kidneys per gallon. Therefore I am now riding the bus to work 3 days a week. It’s an adventure.

“It’s an adventure”, that’s what my mother would say before something unpleasant happened.  Like a freak snow storm that left us stranded, or her little Honda Civic stalled on the tiny flooded bridge near our house (in which case she promptly instructed her passenger to open the door.. so the water could pass through).

I digress. The bus. I love it.

My bus stop is right outside the fire station. I was going to try starting just a wee little controlled burn to lure the fireman outside….. but that would be bad.

45 minutes of reading, letter writing, and talking to my fellow bus riders, we arrive in downtown Nashville.

I switch to the #10 Charlotte / Walmart bus and get dropped off a couple blocks from work.  That’s right, Walmart. It’s not just the home of the Roll Back Special. It’s a final destination.

This past week  I sat next to: a lady who worked in a hospital cafeteria where she makes biscuits from her Mama’s recipe; President George Washington and President Eisenhower;  a lady who runs a Cash Advance store which offers an e-file tax service that is keeping her so busy she couldn’t call in to sick to work when she wanted to be home helping her sister who just got her new teeth;  a water systems engineer; and a new mother of twins.

This is my work. Sometimes I stare at it from across the street before I go in. I’m not stalling. I’m sending up a prayer that the coffee will be ready when I get to my office or that maybe someone will have invented National Slacker Day and send us all home to make pie and drink sweet tea.

I love my city. I love seeing my city from the bus.

The back of the Ryman Auditorium as seen at 45 mph on a bouncing bus

Legislative Plaza

Broadway - the Tennessee Version

Tammy Wynette. Which makes me think of the movie Sordid Lives. Which makes me do a belly rolling snorting laugh. If you don’t ever ride a bus that’s okay. If you’ve never seen Sordid Lives, that’s just wrong. Go rent it now.

This is the Parthenon at Centennial Park. I don’t take the bus there cause I can walk there from work. Sometimes I go there and walk vigorously in a manner resembling exercise. Sometimes I go there and sit on a bench and drink Diet Coke.

So if I you took a photo somewhere along your day, what would you see?





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You Might Be A Redneck……..

You know you’re kinda redneck when you still have Christmas garland on the front of the house in February.

And you think it would look even better with little sparkly white lights.

And you can see the 2 recycling bins that still need to be put back where they belong.

On another note… it hi a blistering 55 degrees today, sunshine thrown in for free.

See the Girl Wonder has to squint it’s so bright. We spent a few minutes between the library run and the violin lesson sucking down some beverages at Starbucks.

See, even my weird alien feet insisted on crawling out to soak up some sun.

Do you love the Polaroid photos as much as me. I have a new phone and I’m learning to say things like “I have an app for that”. It makes me a cool redneck. Especially with this vintage camera app.



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